Internet of Things

Intuitive, self-driven, automated and reliable, our payments solution will meet today’s growing demand for connected services. We will help you grow your business the smart way.
The growing demand for smart devices and services requires innovation and relies on solving day-to-day problems for your customers. You need an online business solution that meets the same needs: intuitive, self-driven, automated and reliable. Your business relies on it; your peace of mind depends on it.

IoT Payments

No matter where your customers are located, we have the systems in place to manage their needs. Languages, taxes and data regulations support effective payment processing. Get the competitive advantage of friendly, professional customer support to help your customers with billing and payment inquiries worldwide. PayMotion’s all-inclusive suite of online business services and functionality with a flexible interface allows you to set up a variety of pricing options for sales promotions, subscriptions, renewal fees and more.

Smart Integration

Maximize your efforts with PayMotion’s easy integration. Integrate your recurring payments, billing systems and data with other applications and services, and those of third parties like Salesforce and PayPal. Accept eight payment methods in 33 currencies across multiple payment gateways. Manage sales tax collection, compliance, and remittance through our trusted third party partner.

Fraud Detection

As an online merchant, you have to worry about account takeovers, costly chargebacks, and stolen customer information. Using industry-leading tools and processes, we track and monitor access to our network and cardholder data in real-time, providing instant alerts and blocking. Respond to disputes and chargebacks using our resolution center and recover revenue from fraud claims.

Customer Data Security

PayMotion adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to protect you and your customers. Dunning management and credit card vault as part of the platform ensures peace of mind. Our firewall protects cardholder data, assigning a unique ID to each computer access. We are able to track and monitor all access to our network and cardholder data in real-time to provide instant alerts to attempted breaches. Our Level 1 certification assures you that we meet the highest standards in customer data security.

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