Benefits of Dynamic Pricing

Set up a variety of pricing options and target the right price for your customers with PayMotion’s dynamic pricing solutions.
What is dynamic pricing? Your eCommerce opportunity to change pricing based on demands, customer preferences, and real-time situations. Are you looking at filling those last spots for an online course? Moving older inventory? Ready to jump-start a season? Time for dynamic pricing and discounts.
  1. You have greater control on a flexible pricing strategy versus locked in fixed prices
  2. Powers revenue growth
  3. Aligns with sales promotions
  4. An agile turnaround in response to demand fluctuations
  5. Changes in price structure take into account complex customer preferences

PayMotion’s dynamic pricing solution allows you to set up a variety of pricing options. Alongside your existing price lists, you’ll have that extra flexibility to target particular customers with specific pricing strategies. Combined with our fully-hosted cart, coupons, and trial period management tools, your online business will be set up for success.

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