Attract new customers and drive sales with PayMotion’s automated coupon feature.
One of the more effective sales strategies for intangible products or services like software, apps, games, e-learning or analytics is to demonstrate value through promotions and incentives. PayMotion’s coupon feature can help you drive sales through increased conversion rates, and also support your ability to re-market to existing customers.

PayMotion’s platform is set up to process offers and alerts to boost the likelihood of order completion. You can use PayMotion’s Coupon Performance Report to view a coupon's performance and gauge its effectiveness when compared to non-discounted orders. The report lists the details of all transactions involving a coupon.

With automated transactional email - capture the new customers’ attention with an email offer right away! PayMotion works with you to identify the sweet spot for the right mix of promotions and incentives to grow your business.

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