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Second Quarter 2014 Release: More Options, Greater Reach, Better Dashboard

Posted by PayMotion Marketing - July 9, 2014 in

This spring saw a number of exciting additions to the PayMotion ecommerce platform. These latest enhancements include more cart localization options, features to reduce churn, an improved dashboard and upgraded partner management capabilities.

Reduce Churn with Up-to-Date Payment Information

PayMotion is excited to now offer account updater support for subscriber billing information. Our platform can now check if payment information is up-to-date and, if updates are needed, PayMotion can make sure everything is re-synced so payments are processed using the new account or credit card going forward. Reduce failed payments and improve your rebilling success rate so you can increase revenue.

More Data to Boost Revenue

Track how your campaigns are performing through our CallStream program with our new Campaign Performance Report. Report on all campaigns at once or filter your result set to an individual campaign and easily access data points like revenue per call (RPC). To make things even more efficient, data can be broken down by day to track day over day performance.

Advanced Partner Payments

More easily manage your partners and eliminate the hassle of worrying about partner payments with our platforms new payment options. PayMotion now allows merchants to increase the number of partners that can receive a share of the proceeds from the sale of an offer and exactly specify the revenue share.

Convert Better with a Better Localized Cart

PayMotion has further enhanced the localized cart available to merchants through the support of three addition currencies: the New Taiwan Dollar, the Malaysian Ringgit and the Vietnamese đồng. This brings the total number of currencies supported by PayMotion to 35.


More User-Friendly Platform

PayMotion's latest release introduces many enhancements to our merchant console to make the interface easier to use and navigate. There is a redesigned summary and detail view on the sales tab so merchants can more readily get up-to-date information on their transactions. In addition, we have improved the cart admin tool for better usability.

Another improvement we are excited to provide merchants is the ability to add a soft descriptors at the product level in addition to the account level. Soft descriptors are what appears on a customer’s credit card or account statement when charged. Spend more time on what you do best and less managing your payments and customer support.

For more information on our latest release, please contact our merchant support team at



Josiah Lemmon
Product Manager, PayMotion

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