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[Ecommerce News] YouTube Developing New Mobile-Focused Advertiser Tools

Posted by PayMotion Marketing - January 26, 2017 in

If you’re watching an online video, it’s probably on YouTube and it’s increasingly likely to be on your mobile phone. Over half of YouTube’s views are on mobile devices which has prompted the company to start rolling out new tools to help advertisers monitor their cross-platform campaigns.

Being developed over the next year, the benefit for advertisers will come through a better understanding of their highest-value customers and improved ways to target ads. Now ecommerce retailers will be able to see which customers have been searching for deals before targeting them.

For end-users, the new solution will include further privacy and security guarantees along with more advanced user controls. Now users will be able to better control what ads they see across Alphabet platforms. So, if you mute an ad on Google, you also won’t see anything from that advertiser on YouTube.

While technologies like pixels and cookies worked well when users spent most their time behind a desktop, advertiser solutions need to keep pace with evolving user habits. YouTube’s mobile-first advertiser solution mirrors the industry’s refocus towards mobile. So, if you’re advertising online, it’s more important than ever to be mobile friendly.

Read the full post on Google’s Inside AdWords blog.

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