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[Ecommerce News] Facebook Report Reveals Key Mobile Ecommerce Milestones

Posted by PayMotion Marketing - January 23, 2017 in

We’ve seen that mobile’s ecommerce market share has been on the rise, but the 2016 holiday season may have been a tipping point. While mobile conversion rates have historically lagged far behind desktop, Facebook’s IQ blog has released a new report stating that mobile made up 51% of total online transactions during the 2016 holiday season, finally surpassing desktop user conversions. For marketers, this should be further affirmation that mobile needs to be a focus.

A key takeaway from the report is the sheer speed of conversions on mobile: “shoppers who saw a retail or ecommerce ad on Facebook mobile, and then converted on mobile, took 1.08 fewer days to convert than those who saw the same type of Facebook ad on desktop and then converted on desktop.”

 Source: Facebook IQ

Therefore, ensuring your ecommerce solution minimizes any friction associated with mobile shopping will help you capitalize on the thumb revolution.

For the full report, head over to the Facebook Insights blog.

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